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Copyright Policies.

Each rubber stamp company has their own copyright policy. If you wish to use rubber stamps to make items to sell please check the copyright policy of the stamps that you wish to use.

Blade Rubber Stamps Ltd. Copyright Policy

The Blade Rubber unique range of stamps features the drawings of artists Michal Hirshfeld, Janelle Barker, Christian Williams, Deborah Wheeler, Ashmita Leblond, Chris Smith & Susie Jefferson, as well as artwork supplied by Brian Tasker.

Copyright belongs to Blade Rubber (2003).

Stamps from the Blade Rubber catalogue may be used for unique handstamped work only. Permission is not required for the sale of handstamped cards at local stalls, local craft markets and local shops.

In no circumstances is mechanical or electronic reproduction allowed. Permission will not be given to use the images as business logos.
Permission will not be given for the sale of cards through a national chain of shops.

Please contact us if you would like further clarification.

Crafty Individuals Copyright Policy

Crafty Individuals is an angel company and are happy for you to use their products in creating hand made art for sale.
Please, however, remember that any form of mechanical reproduction is a breach of policy and an infringement of Crafty Individual's image copyright...
So do it all by hand!

English Stamp Company Copyright Policy is the same as for Blade Rubber Stamps.
English Stamp Rubber stamps copyright belongs to English Stamp Company(2003).

Hero Arts Copyright Policy

All Hero Arts designs and products are original and copyrighted. The purchaser of a Hero Arts product is granted a limited license to use such product, for personal, noncommercial use only. Reproduction of Hero Arts products or images in any way for either commercial use or in an inappropriate manner is prohibited without written consent. For questions or further information on Hero Arts copyright policy, please email

Magenta Copyright Policy

Rubber stamps and designs are for personal artistic expression. You can use the hand-stamped images in any way you like, make and even sell hand-stamped items made with Magenta stamps. But Magenta designs may not be reproduced in any form or manner without written consent from Magenta Inc, 351 Blain, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, J3H 3B4, Canada. Only stamping itself is permitted.... and encouraged!

Magenta Shop

Non Sequitur Copyright Policy.

Non Sequitur has both original designs, for which Non Sequitur has an exclusive copyright, and designs which are adapted from works in the public domain.
For designs adapted from works in the public domain - while the original is copyright free, Non Sequitur adaptations are copyrighted 1996 through to the present.
Non Sequitur is an Angel Company. Non Sequitur is a user-friendly company and want their stamps to be used and enjoyed by the art stamp community. You may use Non Sequitur designs to create items for sale as long as the images are stamped BY HAND. Mechanical reproduction of their images violates their copyright, except where it concerns only a few copies for personal use (such as for a swap).

Paper Artsy Copyright Policy.

Paper Artsy is an angel company with a policy that encourages free expression.

Paper Artsy recognises that scanning your artistic work to produce digitally altered art is becoming a popular method of artistic expression, and are more than happy for people to use their rubber this way. Paper Artsy wants customers to experience freedom of expression, if that incorporates their rubber in an 'outside the box' kind of way then go for it.

This policy allows and encourages one off mechanical reproductions, it does not allow mechanical mass production of more than 5 items for re-sale. That is to say you cannot use their mechanically reproduced images to benefit yourself commercially.

Hand stamped items for cottage industry re-sale is permitted.

Paperbag Studios Copyright Policy.

Paperbag Studios is an angel company.

Paperbag Studios encourages the use of their images in your artwork, however, only the original hand-stamped image may be used.

Paperbag images cannot be reproduced either by mechanical or digital means.

Penny Black Copyright Policy

Terms and Conditions for Limited Commercial Use of Penny Black Stamps and Other Products.

  1. Penny Black stamps and images are original artwork created by or for Penny Black, Inc. and subject to full copyright protection.
  2. As such, its stamps and images are sold for the personal use of the consumer, without right to reproduce the copyrighted images for commercial purposes.
  3. Penny Black, Inc. permits its valued customers the following limited rights of commercial use: All stamp impressions must be made by hand. No mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. Only limited quantities, not to exceed 36 per design, may be made for commercial use. In connection with each commercial use within these permissible limits, the user shall clearly display on the project the following: “Image: Copyright Penny Black, Inc.”
  4. Commercial use that violates or exceeds the above restrictions is prohibited and shall be considered a breach of the copyrights of Penny Black, Inc.

Personal Impressions Copyright Policy

All Personal Impression designs are copyrighted and may be used on items to be sold only with written permission from Personal Impressions (E.M. Richford Ltd). As a general rule, permission will be granted for production of not more than 100 items in a 12 month period. All items sold should be clearly marked ©Personal Impressions and may only be sold at craft fairs, house parties and similar events. Please contact Personal Impressions for more information and an application form.

Stampendous Copyright Policy

All designs are drawn by Fran Seiford and copyright of Stampendous, Inc. Use of these designs is limited to handstamping. Mechanical reproduction of any designs is strictly prohibited without written permission. Hand stamped originals may be sold.

Stampers Anonymous Copyright Policy

Stampers Anonymous is an angel company. Stampers Anonymous images may be used as long as they are hand stamped and not mechanically reproduced.

Stampington Copyright Policy

Stampington welcomes artists who would like to use their images in their own hand-stamped creations and wish to sell these items. Therefore, Stampington gives permission to use any designs by Stampington & Company®, except those images ©Deb Strain, for the purpose of resale. When using the approved stamps for items that will be sold, Stampington gives you permission if the following criteria are met:

  1. Each item must be hand stamped. Mechanical reproductions are not acceptable.
  2. The back of the card must contain typed, stamped, or hand-written copyright information. Please refer to the label index on the side of the image you are using for the correct copyright information. It is not necessary to include the copyright date. But be sure to include the copyright information for each stamp you are using. This information needs to be listed only once for each artist, no matter how many images are used by that artist. For instance, if you use three images that are copyright KAREN FOSTER, you need to only list the copyright information ©Karen Foster one time on the back of the item. If you use a KAREN FOSTER and a TERESA KOGUT stamp, you will need to list both of the artists in your copyright information. If no specific artist is listed, you will credit it as ©Stampington & Company, just as the stamp label does.

Woodware Copyright Policy is the same as for Blade Rubber Stamps.
Woodware Rubber stamps copyright belongs to Woodware Craft Collection(2003).

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